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First experiences with Marketing Cloud


personalized & individualized customer experience with the Marketing Cloud.

When you first enter the Salesforce world, it can be overwhelming to say the least. The following blog provides you a brief overview of what the Marketing Cloud actually is, gives an overview of the jungle of terms and how to best get started.

Introduction to the Salesforce Marketing product


The products intertwine & can communicate with each other.

Marketing Cloud is a part of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform Salesforce. Salesforce consists of Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Why should a company use Marketing Cloud?

With Salesforce CRM, all data can be managed in one central location. This enables communication between different departments - at every touchpoint it's clear what interactions have already taken place between customer and company. These interactions can also be automated with the Marketing Cloud. Furthermore, the use of the data can result in personalised and individualised customer contact via various digital channels.

Marketing Cloud products

Consisting of E-Mail-Studio, Interaction Studio, Journey Builder & Mobile Studio: This allows companies to create specific target groups and combine the various data to achieve targeted marketing.

Consisting of Advertising Studio, Audience Studio & Data Studio: This allows companies to create specific target groups and combine the various data to achieve targeted marketing.

Consisting of Social Studio: Social media allows companies to follow digital conversations and thus interact directly in important conversations. Important information from the company can also be published directly.

Consisting of Datorama & Google Analytics 360: The various marketing activities can be checked. Which activities work and which do not? What is the overall effectiveness?

How do you start as a Marketing Cloud beginner?

If some terms were completely new territory, the entry into Marketing Cloud with Trailhead is relatively quick and easy. Trails, individual modules or practical exercises can be done on Trailhead for Salesforce and many other topics. At the end of each unit there is a quiz or task to test your knowledge.

And then it's all about fun, practice, practice and practice... That's how you get started in the Salesforce world.

Marketing Cloud Connect 

The great strength of Salesforce CRM is that the different products intertwine and Marketing Cloud can communicate with the other Salesforce Clouds. As a result, the connection with the customer can be intensified and the complete current profiles of the customers can be used to make more intelligent marketing decisions as a company. For example, CRM data can be used for e-mail campaigns, specific target groups for e-mail can be created based on customer interactions, or customers can be included in customer journeys.

With Salescloud CRM solution, all marketing, sales, customer service, and retail data is in one place. The connection of the data succeeds through the Marketing Cloud Connect. There is the right product for the various needs. Through Marketing Cloud the company has a good overview of all customers and can thus ensure the perfect customer experience.
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The Marketing Cloud consists of 10 different products.

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