What is Account Engagement?

Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)is Salesforce's B2B Marketing Automation solution and the perfect tool for lead generation and nurturing. It enables your company to implement automated marketing campaigns and measure their performance. Detailed reports offer valuable insights into the behaviour of your leads and allow perfectly tailored communication. Account Engagement helps you to personalise your marketing across all campaigns based on specific criteria.

If you’re a business who sells to other businesses, your Marketing Automation tool should meet the specific requirements for B2B marketing. Purchase decisions in B2B are often made over a longer period, involving several people and based on extensive research. Account Engagement offers a powerful solution for the automation of these requirements and helps you to establish and maintain your business relationships.


The user interface of Account Engagement offers all functions for marketing automation.

Account Engagement functions for your Marketing Automation

  • Landing pages and forms can be created easily. In addition, you can analyse the performance of your assets, including paid search marketing and social media posts, in detail to further advance lead generation.
  • Scoring and grading allow you to assess the interest and suitability of a lead based on various criteria, thus specifically increasing the chance of a deal. You can also use artificial intelligence for this purpose using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.
  • You can easily segment your leads to communicate with a certain customer segment using various criteria.
  • As you gather more information about your leads, you can use dynamic content to tailor your communication to the needs of your leads.
  • The Engagement Studio allows you to create and track automated and individualised customer journeys. The communication can be tailored to individual characteristics and specific behaviour of leads.
  • Marketing automation goes beyond the simple sending of e-mails. With the automation tool, you can A/B test your email content, create email templates that comply with your branding policies, preview your emails across platforms and devices (litmus integration), test your emails with the best SPAM filters and create advanced email reports.
  • Account Engagement offers a detailed reporting of your campaigns. From reports on the performance of individual campaigns, conversion points, landing pages, e-mails, to entire customer journeys, if a lead interacts with your marketing assets, Account Engagement will measure it.


The Account Engagement Conclusion:

Account Engagement is the perfect solution for placing the right message, in the right place, at the right time, to provide a unique user experience. It' s specifically designed to generate leads and implement high-quality lead nurturing in B2B marketing.


Account Engagement Target audience:

B2B, Salesforce as CRM

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