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Messaging and automation products:

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Marketing Cloud is a platform with multiple products that fall under four primary themes:
messaging and automation, data and advertising, social media, and measurement and analytics. In this blog post I will dive into the details of Marketing Cloud Messaging and automation.

Marketing Cloud messaging and automation: solutions include Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Journey Builder, and Interaction Studio. We use these tools to create, build, deploy, and manage communication across different platforms. It gives us the opportunity to make personalised marketing for your customers.
In 2020

customers expect a personalized customer experience and select brands according to this criterion, among others.

4 products of the Marketing Cloud 

Email Studio

Nowadays we receive many emails every day in our inbox, about 100 emails a day and we only spend 11 seconds reading the emails that we open. This makes it even more important to create attention and engagement. In 2020 customers are looking for personalized experience and choose the brands that send the right message at the right moment.

Email Studio is the tool to create personalized messages. Small business, or large business with millions of customers. In Email Studio we personalize your message to optimize the 1:1 engagement with customers at scale. It is possible to segment, build, send and track promotional as well as transactional messages.

To sum up

  • Create AI-powered segments to target subscribers based on engagement.
  • Build mobile-optimized email templates.
    Personalize messages with dynamic content and AI-powered recommendations.
  • Unify promotional and transactional messages on the same platform.
  • Scale and automate all interactions with your customers.

In which cases can you use the Email Studio?

  • Personalization: Send personalized promotional email messages, based on their unique data points and past engagement. Name, product preferences or product recommendations.
  • Anniversary & Loyalty: Send out an "Happy Birthday" email with a coupon code to your subscriber or celebrate their loyalty when they are a one year customer.
  • Improve internal communication: Send out mass communications to your employees about an event or organizational change.

Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio is a marketing solution within Salesforce Marketing Cloud that drives immediate and relevant customer engagement. We can manage engagement across every customer interaction by personalizing their email, advertising, push, and SMS messaging from a single platform.

Mobile Studio features mobile messaging tools, including:

  • MobileConnect to create and send text messages (SMS and MMS).
  • MobilePush to create and send automated, interactive, or scheduled push messages from mobile applications.
  • GroupConnect, or Chat App Messaging, allows brands to create 1:1 conversations on group messaging apps (LINE) using rich customer data.

In Mobile Studio you can...

  • deliver time-sensitive messages such as account alerts and appointment reminders.
  • target on-the-go customers with location-based push marketing.
  • drive mobile app engagement to keep customers coming back.
  • use personalized data stored on the customer success platform to have a single view of the customer.
  • create and edit mobile messages in Content Builder, without having to leave Journey Builder.

In which cases can you use the Mobile Studio?

  • Customer engagement: For example, create a cross-sell, upsell or inform customers based on subscriber location, demographics or individual preferences.
  • Customer acquisition: Acquire new customers via mobile app, mobile website, or messaging. This includes email opt-in campaigns and SMS info capture.
  • Customer retention: Persuade customers to use a mobile app or website, re-engage customers, and drive loyalty program sign-ups. For instance, you can create geo-fenced push notifications for sales and events that automatically send coupons or alerts to customers as they enter and exit targeted physical spaces.
  • Transactional Messages: Deliver transactional, time-sensitive messages, such as shipping notifications, appointment reminders.

Journey Builder

Journey builder is extremely important for a great customer journey (the customer's path from potential to existing customer). Create a personalised journey and message for the customer. Dividing customers in sections and letting them go the path that suits the best. That's what Marketing Cloud's Journey builder is all about.

In which cases can you use the Journey Builder?

Acquisition and Onboarding
  • To welcome new subscribers
  • To send first purchase and thank you messages
  • Customers can recommend the brand to a friend.

  • To influence next purchase.
  • To download the mobile app.
  • To complete a profile or join the loyalty program.
  • To finish a customer survey.

Loyalty and Retention
  • To send birthday/Anniversary messages.
  • To win-back of lapsed customer.
  • To set up abandoned cart reminders.

With Journey builder, we can create the flow of how and when emails, push notifications, or ads are sent to your subscribers. With a decision split when the customer joins the rewards program a coupon is automatically sent to a new rewards member. Did the customer not open the email? No problem, a reminder email is automatically sent to re-engage the customer.

Are you curious how to engage more with your customers? Journey Builder is a great tool to make this happen! Contact us for more information.

Interaction Studio

From product recommendations to proactive service, your customers expect you to engage them in a personalized way. And customers are looking for personalized interactions that are presented in the right context. Interaction Studio helps us to provide personalization at scale across every customer interaction, online and offline.

With Interaction Studio, you can...

  • Capture insights on every owned channel to manage real-time customer interactions.
  • Coordinate engagement everywhere by connecting online digital interactions to offline moments.
  • Leverage machine learning to decide, prioritize and deliver the most relevant content/products/offers in real time, while the customer is engaging on the site or when they open the next e-mail.

In which cases can you use the Interaction Studio?

  • Targeted adress: Easily target and manage individual users as they move through the customer lifecycle.
  • Intelligent interactions: Inform online and offline channels of the last action a user took.
  • Monitor anonymous behavior: Use recognition (identification/conversion) moments to connect user profiles from your CRM and link them with anonymous profiles.
  • Complete profiles: Collect in-depth behavioral information for both anonymous website visitors and known customers to enrich their profiles and determine their true interests and intent.
  • Using the journey context: Inform other systems delivering offers (for example, email campaigns). This helps move individuals in/out of segments as applicable, so they are receiving consistent messages across all interactions.

WAYM is using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for many clients in Switzerland. We link your databases to Marketing Cloud, so you can communicate from a single portal. Together we look for the best strategy for your organization. Are you interested in working together? Contact us right away!

A platform,

to design & manage interactions with your customers.

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