What is Mautic? 

Mautic is an open-source Marketing Automation tool. One of its goals is to provide professional Marketing Automation for small businesses. The user interface can be individualized through customizable templates and the handling is very intuitive.

Mautic offers 3 important advantages over other marketing automation software:

  • Mautic is completely free.
  • Mautic is Open Source.
  • Mautic can be hosted on their own servers. This also means that your company's data remains within Switzerland.

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The user interface for the marketing automation in Mautic is easy to use.

Mautic for your Marketing Automation

  • Simple landing pages can be created directly via Mautic. It is possible to use templates, to create an A/B test environment with which different variants of the landing page can be played out, and multilingual landing pages can be realized.

  • Omnichannel communication with the corresponding monitoring is possible. This means that you can interact with your customers via all different channels (e-mails, SMS, push messages, social media).
    Forms can be created using the Mautic Form Builder. These can be used afterward in CMS systems such as Joomla! or WordPress.

  • Lead management is easy to understand and comprehensive: Contacts are divided into two types. On the one hand, visitors (anonymous leads) are tracked who have not yet contacted your company through a form or similar interaction. On the other hand, there are identified contacts where data such as name, e-mail, etc. exists. Contacts can be imported via CSV files or inserted manually. Besides, lead lists can subsequently be easily managed and filtered via segments.

  • With the Campaign Builder, automated workflows can be created. This way you can automate complex processes and marketing tasks. An example of this is that a visitor to your website is automatically sent an e-mail with the products 24 hours later as he left an abandoned cart. The interaction can be set contact-dependent (based on the behavior of the contact) and/or time-dependent (within predefined time intervals).

  • The created campaigns can be analyzed via the reports. The data is displayed and visualized in real-time. This allows you to see which campaigns were successful and which were not.

  • Mautic comes by default with a lot of plugins for the integration of third party systems. These include social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, popular CRM systems like Salesforce or Pipedrive, and much more. Also, Mautic is even available at Zapier and can therefore be easily integrated with many other tools.


The Mautic Conclusion:

Mautic is the leading open source Marketing Automation tool and therefore free of charge. As the data can be run on your own server, you have complete control over your own data. Nevertheless, Mautic is a comprehensive solution for Marketing Automation with an intuitive interface.


Mautic Target audience:

Small and middle-companies in B2B and B2C


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I would like to have a Mautic hosting offer

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