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How can you manage the interactions with your customers?

Visualize, track and manage customer experiences in real-time with the Interaction Studio

This Product is part of the Marketing Cloud of Salesforce. Interaction Studio ensures valuable engagement with your client, at the right time and exactly the way your user wants it.

In order to acquire and retain loyal customers, it is super important to have up-to-date and reliable data. Why? This makes it possible for you to make each experience as personal as possible.
Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer survey shows that 79% (!) of customers are willing to share relevant, personal information in exchange for personal interactions in which they are instantly recognised and understood. The same Salesforce survey shows that 76% of customers also expect companies to understand their needs. 

So what do all these numbers have to do with the Interaction Studio? This studio can help you turn data into relevant personal and DSGVO-compliant customer experiences. This makes it easier to attract loyal customers who trust your brand.

Visualize and react

Interaction Studio is part of Marketing Cloud and an extension of Journey Builder. If you want to learn more about Journey Builder or the other messaging and automation products in the Marketing Cloud, read this article.
With this solution you are able to visualize all of your client's off- and online activities, during every contact moment and on every channel. Also you are able to respond through your channels.

What does this look like in an example?

A customer clicks on an offer of your brand, then logs into the mobile app and calls customer service. Interaction Studio keeps track of all and automatically updates every action in the customer profile. This enables Marketing Cloud to offer the right follow-up action. Possibilities are potentially relevant offers or content with which your customers have interacted. And all from a single platform. This makes it much easier for customer service to keep track and suggest suitable follow-up actions on the phone.

Interaction Studio helps you as a marketer with this 3 tasks:

1. Real-time offer management:

Interaction Studio offers consumers a next best offer based on the behaviour they have shown on your brand's channels. This offer can be communicated via any channel. Possibilities are personal e-mails, app notifications or even in-store.

2. Campaign management:

With Interaction Studio you are able to manage your campaigns on scale and with business ruling. More offers, more messages and a bigger part of the journey made by the customers meets his or her needs.

3. Lifecycle insights:

You are able to visualize the behaviour of clients, but also gain insights into how they move through the different lifecycle phases. 
This enables you to better understand engagement trends and further optimise the customer experiences that really matter.

Curious about what we do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how the Interaction Studio can help your company achieve its marketing goals?

We look forward to your call or e-mail!
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